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Maggot art https://www.goldengooseshoesit.com/ making a mark

A Tasmanian artist has turned to fly-blown road-kill to create a portfolio of works for his PhD.

John Parish allowed the carcasses of a Tasmanian devil, wallaby, possum and quoll to become flyblown on his rural property, south-west of Launceston.

He placed the carcasses in a stainless steel device, letting them become infested with maggots which dropped through a funnel into four different pots of paint.

The larvae swam out and crawled across pieces of paper.

His collection includes works featuring the paw prints and scratch marks of devils.

Mr Parish says surprisingly, the patterns they left resembled some aspect of the animals.

"It sounds crazy but for instance the devil was really dark, it was just black and some green; the quoll was very delicate and quiet and sort of golden; the possum was sort of fluffy and brown and the wallaby one was very vibrant," he said.

"There was little trails everywhere and all different colours.

"You're looking at what you might consider the ugly and the repulsive and you're Golden Goose seeing that there is a beauty in everything."

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