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Los Angeles - Respected Mobile MMORPG MapleStory M is pleased to announce the "The Legends Return" update on iOS and Android! This exciting game update allows players to get eight Maple World Legends from the new PvP dungeon, unlock valuable Kemdi dice events, and let players experience The Spring Wonder Wheel and more. The more exciting part is waiting for the player to discover.

PvP dungeons include two modes available: ranking mode and free mode. The ranking mode allows players to play against other players in 3vs3 mode. The rating is determined based on the seasonal ranking, and the player automatically receives a seasonal reward based on the level obtained plus the winning result. The free mode gives players the right to Buy MS M Mesos choose the battle mode of up to five other players, allowing players to face the real person in the game and feel the excitement they have never experienced before. For unbalanced teams, you can make additional matches. Various legends of the dungeon include Ryude, Athena Pierce, Manji, Mike, Dark Lord, Grendel the Really Old, Mu Gong and Moonbeam.

This update can also include the following in-game events:
Kendi's dice game - From April 24th to May 9th, players can get a dice through hunting and have a unique board game experience. The player will then scroll through the special dice to advance their pieces on the board and get rewards. The person completing the mission will unlock the mysterious Kemdi gift box.

Spring Miracle Wheel Event - Beginning May 9th, the Spring Miracle Wheel event gives players the chance to Maplestory Mobile Mesos win Emblem Potential Scrolls, Lucky Day Scroll, Unique Rank Up Stones, Royal Coupons and rare items. By hiding special tickets in the game, Maple has the opportunity to rotate the steering wheel.

Launched globally on July 24, 2018, MapleStory M combines pop and vintage to showcase a range of bespoke, immersive storylines and epic boss attacks that many players have expressed. It is completely different from previous updates. MapleStory M can be purchased in 140 countries and 9 languages, and millions of downloads are quickly downloaded within 100 times of global releases. It can be said that MapleStory M games have been welcomed by players around the world.
xiayumin Jun 11 · Etiquetas: buy ms m mesos

Nexon's MapleStory series fans today replaced Maplestory M's Exchange LA. Fans are celebrating the 14th anniversary of the franchise, so the party has a variety of bricks, sweepstakes, plush toys, content shows and role-playing contests that fans will take. So, you realize that this is a typical fan activity.

If you are unable to travel to Los Angeles or get a ticket to MapleStory Fest, we report it today to help you choose to sit comfortably at home to watch a big event on your phone or TV. The main announcements for MapleStory 2 may be Cheap Maplestory M Mesos posted on the BC homepage, but for living photos and clips, be sure to check out MapleStory's official website.

The event has already begun, through crane games and brick building activities, although the opening ceremony will be completed in a few minutes, the opening ceremony is still very formal and strong. The opening stage show may also contain MapleStory 2 information, so players on the spot can get a sneak peek, so stay awake between 11 pm and 12:30 pm Pacific Time.

We are likely to return to Buy MS M Mesos the 14th Anniversary and Summer Content Exhibition at 2:30 pm. The above is the approximate content of this party. Do you know that you are excited about reading this article?

Unfortunately, the focus of the event is MapleStory and MapleStory 2, and then we don't provide new information to MapleStory M fans.
xiayumin Jun 11 · Etiquetas: buy ms m mesos