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 (6 mods to roll and high variation with those rolls means casual may have set pieces but only the no-lifers can offer the best gear, victory win for D3 beneath the specific problem they wished to solve.)

 Again, I'm not advocating with this; I think this could be the end of POE, imo.

The next question for you is, do the gamers want to be social with trading?

As far as I can tell, the gamer base POE Trade doesn't even necessarily like being social while playing. Evidence? Guilds.

In D3, an even more social game, guilds and POE Items communities are common over the place.

 In POE, I see a lot of people in a guild independently ; and in the larger guilds, it is usually a place to help you newbies by offering a shared stash with garbage uniques.
vkmoon Dic 24 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Traders miss out within the thrill of nafound what to tradetural progression, well Im gonna strike the term natural from that statement because its a weighted word that's no place in that room.

It is just not less natural to trade within a trade centered arpg than to locate items, even trade itself can just occur once youve found what to trade.

A trader misses out about the thrill with POE Trade the slower progression that arises from self found, yes I absolutely agree.

 They miss out within the trill of finding smaller things that happen to Cheap POE Orbs be important but overlooked when trading.
vkmoon Dic 20 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Words disconnected from any conversation with particular posters...

If by using a trade indexer to search with an item you would like and then making the trade with the owner is too hard to suit your needs, if throwing items in a very trade tab and setting a buyout

 Then trading them having a player who Buy POE Currency wispers you should be to hard, if these systems are incredibly difficult.

 You feel you would like to trade but cant then my POE Trade goodness, the effort game from non existent to minimal and begin trading.
vkmoon Dic 18 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

I'm happy and satisfied while i know this item is WORTH 50 we sell mine 40 cause i'd prefer the currency now.

 Someone with an increase of patience will buy it and earn his profit thats fine.


Having to take care of 2000 tp in and out to Cheap POE Orbs generate trades is dreaming annoying.

When i list a specific thing and someones wants it i'll have the dreaming effort to tp from my map.

 YOU LIST YOU WORK YOUR head TO DELIVER IT thats what i'm forcing myself to Buy POE Currency perform, if you do not then anyone who wants to get an item could have to waste 2 hours of these life.

vkmoon Dic 17 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

I'm effortlessly those which might be against an Auction House. In POE which simply won't work because once the auction ends, you've already out-leveled the apparatus you wanted.

I'm all to have an in-game Market, though. Back in January I sent expose email to GGG outlining the way a market perform ingame, complete with a pursuit to unlock the market industry and samples of how Cheap POE Items other MMO's have successfully implemented market (not an AH).

Some good degrees of how it was completed right will be Cheap POE Currency the Galactic Market in StarWars The Old Republic along with the Exchange in Star Trek Online.
vkmoon Dic 16 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Read: most of the folk backing the "status quo" on trading will back whatever decision GGG makes. This is what we got, for example, back pre-2.0 when Desync would have been a huge thing.

 There was TONS of fans needing to make up excuses due to Buy POE Items its presence, and consent to developer claims it was "necessary." Then 2.0.0 arrived, GGG announced the effective end going without running shoes, plus the very same Cheap POE Items players did a 180° to praise the modern status quo.

While NOMINALLY true, that is problematic on multiple levels, actually:

    The "longer journey to gear a character up," has another, one-word term: grind. While it may very well be considered fun on-paper, for anyone of us actually playing the endgame, it's actually a "necessary chore" at best.
vkmoon Dic 14 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Tbh. I don't go to a problem with charges inside current state but I'm obviously alone in this particular.

But maybe instead of changing what each charge does, charges could inherently add yet another bonus of something at max charges and GGG will use that bonus to 'specialize' the fees.

That way any build can certainly make use with POE PS4 Currency the fees but to acquire essentially the most out of which one you'd should are dedicated to regardless with the full charges buff (spells for power and attacks for frenzy)

Sure, there exists quite a little of reaction, but I understand where it comes from.

With the modern change, all this process did was remove frenzy charge in POE Orbs PS4 viability for spellcasters and power charge viability for attackers. It certainly does lower build diversity.
vkmoon Dic 11 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Whomever it could actually concern, I feel equally if each time a player disconnects and loses their map portals/Lab progress ect, This can be considered a pretty cheap gameplay mechanic that I believe must be addressed somehow shape or form. Could we atleast get logged last our hideout for maps at least together with the ability to retain map portals from POE PS4 Orbs non-uniques something like that?

Just a quick suggestion. Can you convey a "close up shop" button in POE Items PS4 stash for individuals that have items for sale but do not should tend there shop and want to test out for a little w/o getting harassed by ppl thinking about buying things. only a toggle button that could all my tabs from public when im done just hit it again w/o the should redo most of my prices. thanks much.
vkmoon Dic 10 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Templar - Inquisitor

    Sanctify: Now grants a 10% possibility to create Consecrated Ground after you hit a Rare or Unique Enemy, lasting 8 seconds.

 This Consecrated Ground is done under you.

    Pious Path: Now enables you to Immune to Cheap POE Items Elemental Ailments while you're on Consecrated Ground (as an alternative to Cannot be suffering from Elemental Ailments).

Templar - Guardian

    Harmony of Purpose: Now grants 10% opportunity to Buy POE Currency gain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Hit.
    Bastion of Hope: No longer grants 5% additional Block Chance.

Now grants 50% additional Block Chance for 2 seconds (up from 1) every 5 seconds, in case you've blocked before 10 seconds (compared to Recently), you together with Nearby Allies are not Stunned.
vkmoon Nov 27 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency

Do you actually want more players to take part in trading? It seems you will be making trade decisions not only for traders, and also for the top traders only.

 I believe you after you say your philosophy on trading is, "trading should not be easy," but I are not aware of if you realize this entails your philosophy will more than likely insure that current non-traders will be non-traders.

Personally, I would like a extended, better explanation of how making trading easier plus more POE Items approachable, put together with your first point, that trading can trivialize the material.

 Mesh the slightest bit to declare that the current have nots have Cheap POE Currency been around in a WORSE place with improved trading tools.
vkmoon Nov 26 '18 · Etiquetas: cheap poe currency
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