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Path of Exile: The Legion officially launched and brought one of the biggest patches in the history of the game, both for overhaul of melee combat and for the huge amount of data required to make the game update.

The free-to-play action RPG has been very popular, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has discussed these changes that will be implemented in a few months. Still, the number of changes is still unbelievable and can be seen in full in 14,000 patch descriptions.

As with the start of each league, you will need to create a new character. Occasionally, when playing a game, you will find a special boulder that you find when playing games. These produce a group of frozen enemies from Wraeclast's past, and damage to these enemies will activate them, and if defeated within a certain amount of time will lose a unique bonus and a certain amount of POE Currency.

There are a total of five different legions that can lay eggs: Maraketh, Karui, Templars, Vaal and Eternal Empire. Similar to violations, each has a different spawning rate and minimum area level. The most enemies that can spawn at the moment are 300, so don't take it lightly!

You can now cancel the skill animation before or after the damage occurs. This can be done by moving or using other skills. This includes canceling multiple attacks like Double Strike, which can now be queued. This change is bound to have a major impact on the way games play at the highest level.

The ability to cancel an animation not only allows for a more proficient game or a quick retreat, but in other games it can artificially reduce the cooldown of certain actions by weaving a light attack. The overhaul of the battle not only affected the players but also the enemies. So far, this has brought a new feeling to the game. The animation of enemy attacks is clearer than before and easier to learn and avoid. At the same time, players are more penalized because they are now more vulnerable to attacks. In fact, such an attacker can make up for it by using POE Items in mmoah

The best way to describe enemy updates is that Path of Exile now feels more like Dauntless and Monster Hunter than a Diablo-style game. This is a bit exaggerated, because the enemy is still falling rapidly, but now players seem to focus on mobility, proper positioning, not just standing in the ground and sending spam.

1566547985 Jun 13 · Etiquetas: path of exile
When the most up-to-date league expansion "Army" arrives on June 7, new players who wish to enter the route to exile could be shocked.

In an upmarket interview with OnlySP, Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson commented on what the most up-to-date update opportinity for new players:"The goal is actually more hostile to early players. We are rebalancing early monster battles to make it more difficult and satisfying."In addition, to keep your POE Currency , which can be much cheaper during this time period.

Wilson continues to mention that the damage caused by the boss's enemies has increased, trying to improve satisfaction when the player avoids the attack, which can be achieved by "better signals."

Since the first release of the Path of Exile on the PC in 2013, many major updates have been received. Players only need to wait a few days to see how the latest updates change the feel of early game battles. Whether this is yet beneficial to people or value discussion, people are able to still have some POE Orbs, that's better built-into the modern access system.

For more information on Path of Exile, stay tuned for an exclusive interview with OnlySP in the coming days. Be sure to follow their official website or follow MMOAH on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or join the discussion in the gaming community.
The "Path of Exile" of Grinding Gear Games, which recently entered PlayStation 4, is preparing to work with Activision Blizzard. In an interview with PC GamesN, Chrin Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, had some strong comments on the next "mass expansion" of his company's most popular free dungeon crawler. No matter what the Diablo 4 eventually becomes, frankly, whenever it finally exists, the road to exile will be ready to abandon.

Wilson said, "For us, the 4.0.0 extension is our version, it will use Diablo 4. It is the next generation of action role-playing games, representing a very large upgrade to the Path of Exile." It's a pretty good statement, but if Path of Exile has any signs of success so far, there are definitely precedents to expect great things from the team at Grinding Gear Games. The biggest change about this expansion is internal optimization, not the items and POE Currency required by the player character. As for what this 4.0-megabyte expansion is actually, well, there is still a long way to go in this news. Plans are currently being developed to uncover the expansion of the upcoming Exilecon, but the actual release is a firm "when it's done" deal.

In the interview, Wilson also talked about the work/life balance of Grinding Gear Games, and claimed that there was no one-hour overtime during the upcoming development of the Legion, mentioning a one-and-a-half-year plan. But this is not a tough goal, and the massive expansion is currently lagging behind the regular timetable for priority league updates. As part of Grinding Gear Games' focus on work/life balance above, the release date for large content delivery seems to be changing.

This is not the first time to publicly express Grinding Gear Games' position on austerity, and it is doubtful that it will be the last. I hope this will help us face enemies not specifically relying on POE Orbs and POE Items. While waiting for 4.0 may be long, fans can now be confident that the dungeon crawler they chose is not at the expense of their creator, and that the team is willing to throw with Blizzard no matter what happens next.

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1566547985 May 27 · Etiquetas: path of exile
The core of the eternal conflict, the core of the Path of Exile's upcoming free army update, is not a different style of Vikings, but it is close enough to be invaded and robbed. It will hit Grinding Gear Games' free action role-playing game on June 7th and replace the current integrated league. The Legion added a new quarterly source of loot and experience to the world and permanently improved the melee fighting of the game. This is usually a bunch of new skill gems, unique items and rebalancing that make early game monsters scary again. See the trailer below.

The upcoming Legion League will last for three months and will be split into two halves. You can practice at your own pace while upgrading, which is a very advanced aspect for the endgame players. When you work in the regular story area, you will encounter crystal boulders. Touch them and you will temporarily enter the permanent conflict area, where you can see the past army of Wraeclast freeze in time. By hitting these frozen soldiers, when the timer runs out, you will mark them back and you must hit everything you mark.

This system has some risk/reward balance. You may bring back too many extra enemies, causing you to be trampled because of unprepared battles, but if you do, it is entirely your fault. Similarly, if your goal is too low, you may only get a meager POE Currency. Many players believe that the integrated alliance becomes too cumbersome to handle easily and forces players to speed up areas where they prefer to slow down. The goal of the Legion is to solve this problem and let the player choose the strength of their side missions without too much fuss.

Once you defeat the endgame, you can directly invade the permanent domain conflict by killing enough soldiers from various historical armies to assemble a complete military badge. You can use the final game map device to combine two to four badges and fight up to five entire troops at the same time. Obviously, this can be very difficult, but it is also a huge source of spoils. It should also look very spectacular and give you a corpse deep in your neck. In addition, you technically killed the deceased, so there is no reason to feel sad?

The upcoming melee reform is a big deal. It should be a satisfactory blow to the hammer because it is raining on them. Melee attacks will hit multiple close-range targets and respond faster, allowing the player to cancel the attack animation at the beginning and end. Motor skills are now activated immediately. This means that you are more mobile and able to physically evade oncoming attacks, not just using your face to cover everything. The mouse should also be easier, because once you die, holding the attack will automatically switch the target.

In order to balance these swept buffs, Grinding Gear has returned and given the game's early enemies to the blurred Dark Souls inspiration. The attack is now much harder, but more is the telegraph, giving you a chance to escape. Maybe not as cool as Diablo 3's dodge scroll button, but it will do so. In addition, the attack animation has been thoroughly checked, looks more diverse, and moves smoothly as your attack speed passes through the roof. They also canceled the 95% accuracy limit, so they can avoid "serious misses."

Some of the new POE Chaos Orb and skills in this update look interesting. Grinding Gear has two new "prototypes" for: Blood and Sand Gladiator and Angry Warrior add new skill gems. The former has an attack that switches between two poses with different attributes, while the latter gains a major gain as long as you can maintain a single kill combination. Aunkuna's Will is a new and unique item that allows you to summon zombies without the need for a corpse. Even better, they count as corpses that are compatible with spells such as Detonate Dead. My brain only draws the possibility from that one.

1566547985 May 22 · Etiquetas: path of exile
PlayStation 4 players had to wait for a while to get "Path of Exile" on the console, which was postponed until mid-March instead of February, which is what people expect.

The developer Grinding Gear Games announced the release of the game on PlayStation 4 in November 2018, and for the first time stated that its target is the release date of December 2018, even though the date was not played after the developer postponed the release window. Grinding Gear later said that the game was released in early February for Sony's gaming consoles, but in the latest updates from developers, it seems that this is no longer the case.

Players can be notified via Twitter of new release times for games and other announcements, and Grinding Gear says PlayStation 4 owners can expect the game to be released in mid-March. So it was postponed for another month, and some players have begun to disappoint. Even POE Currency PS4 discounts can't afford their interest, which is exaggerated.

The tweet states that the announcement of the first delay until February is only an estimate, so it can be said that the new release window is not technically delayed because no specific date is given. Still, the semantics of the statement may not be important to PlayStation 4 players, and they now have to wait another month to see the game seeing that this did not give the exact release date.

The wording of the first delay can be found below. "When we announced the Path of Exile on PlayStation 4 earlier this month, we stated that our goal is to release it in December," Grinding Gear said. Unfortunately, because of some force majeure we had to change it to early February. We know that many players are looking forward to this release, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. "Perhaps these words convince the players, or maybe they really like the Path of Exile game, they finally waited for an accurate announcement, and many gold coin malls are also in line with discounts, I think maybe you can find a satisfactory POE Orbs .Good luck!

In the end, Path of Exile developers posted another announcement before the March date, the first of which was announced on February 19.

As studios around the world struggle to find ways to manage austerity, the founders and some owners of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games have publicized the studio's response to feedback and why extended work hours do not solve the problem.

This open letter is a response to the recent frustration of the Path of Exile community, especially for the state of the existing integrated alliance launched in early March. Chris Wilson, founder and part owner of the New Zealand developer, explained that Synthesis's game prototypes and POE Currency existed more than expected, which affected the time and time allowed for testing and balancing before the release.

In most cases, developers either postpone the release of the alliance or try to solve all problems through processing. Wilson acknowledged this and said that developers often feel pressure from the Path of Exile community to work overtime when they see responses to patch descriptions and development updates.

“An important topic inside the gaming industry recently may be the austerity,” Wilson wrote. “Some studios get their team working 14 hours daily to package each patch, containing the most patches and improvements. Sometimes whenever we read our personal Patch Notes thread and community feedback, the world thinks we are being motivated to do the ditto."

“I will not run this company in this way. Although there will inevitably be overtime issues around the league release cycle, most Path of Exile development cycles have a good balance between work and life. This is necessary to keep the developer happy and healthy. On the other hand, it also shows that some game improvements take a while to complete."

Wilson did not specify the length or amount of optional overtime pay, although the company will soon respond to public responses.

However, he does outline some of the difficulties New Zealand developers face when community feedback comes in. Developers have two main difficulties. If they choose to respond directly to the community through the proposed solution, then bringing the team together to develop a solution often destroys other important projects.

Or, Grinding Gears can choose to consider feedback, but choose to handle it in the future. The problem is that it makes the community feel that their concerns have not been heard,mainly because Path of Exile developers are particularly active, releasing daily and weekly updates ,making more players unsatisfied, and even sales with POE Chaos Orb are falling.

"We believe that our internal emphasis on long-term improvements to Path of Exile has caused some damage to the relationship with the community in the short term," Wilson said.

But at the very least for the time being in the helm of Wilson, they won't adopt this mandatory austerity. This does not mean the studio will never eventually collapse anyway, along with studio staff is talking about culture, and also the optional overtime is not truly optional. But no less than in public, Grinding Gear Games takes a position.

1566547985 May 14 · Etiquetas: path of exile
Grinding Gear Games tells the Path of Exile community that it will not tighten to meet this need and solve its problems.

In an article by Reddit, Chrin Wilson of Grinding Gear explained the problems encountered by the company in the Path of Exile integrated alliance launched in March this year. He said that the league "does not meet the quality standards that Path of Exile players expect." This quality standard may include screen effects, POE Currency location, game speed, etc.

Additional work required to improve integration conflicts with progress in other important areas, including the release of Path of Exile in Korea, the ExileCon community event later this year, the upcoming 3.7.0 update for the game, and the larger 4.0.0 Update Wilson, he said, "It's crucial because the next-generation action RPG is coming, we have to be prepared."

Wilson added: "If you don't take the initiative to keep up with the pace of your competitors, you will face corporate death." We can't get into a passive state.

The problem with Grinding Gear is that the long-term stability of the game is balanced with the direct needs of its fans, and the former must occasionally sacrifice the latter. Wilson suggests that this should not happen, although it may not be possible. But ultimately benefiting everyone is a prerequisite for us to do all of this. In addition, the player knows that the current POE PS4 Orbs is worthy of attention, so the player must accumulate coins between players in an emergency.

Wilson asserted the only way to solve community problems is always to extend working hours, that he does not would like to choose. “Some studios their very own team working 14 hours per day to package each patch and improvement. Sometimes whenever we read your own Patch Notes thread and community feedback, we're feeling we are being inspired to do the same task, this is simply not ours. Willing to see. He said.

In May last year, Tencent acquired a majority stake in New Zealand's Grinding Gear Games.

Crunch is a hot topic in the industry. It seems that more and more developers are weighing the balance, because more players want to know what happens to the games they are playing, that is, if the time required for employees to work is too ridiculous to prepare for shipping. title.

Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson led Reddit to share his thoughts on the studio's workload as it pushed the Path of Exile out. Players know that the current POE Currency is worth paying attention to, so players must still accumulate coins between players in an emergency.

"Some studios their very own team working 14 hours to package each patch, containing the most patches and improvements. Sometimes after we read each of our Patch Notes thread and community feedback, the world thinks we are being motivated to do the same. I will Wilson say, don't run the corporation like that.

“We try to communicate with our community as much as possible about our development priorities. We publish daily news and make some substantial development updates every week. Bex and her team are all over the community posts, passing information to developers and asking questions The answer. However, as I explained before, in order to be able to share our company plan on the subject, we must form the right developers, destroy their current work and make some time-consuming decisions."

Wilson also pointed out that sometimes, when the team is in the process of updating the league, you must choose a raise. However, for most general development cycles, he said the team left a "great work/life balance." He did explain that takeaways are unfortunately that some changes to the oven will take longer before they are ready to go. There are also some updates to the rules for using POE Currency and POE Chaos Orb, and players can learn more about it.

When considering austerity and wondering why it takes so long to do something in the studio, it's important to remember the size of some teams. If you have a team of 5 people and you can't hire more workers, then you can only work hard when those teams start.

Overworked teams do their utmost to develop updates and new content, while constantly expanding their work on other projects, ignoring their personal, social and mental health. You can't expect a team of so few people to do the work of a hundred people, and day, night, night and weekend work won't produce the results you want. Unfortunately, not all studios see the light that Wilson clearly has. Wilson said that from the final version of 3.7.0 to 4.0.0, there will be a large-scale fundamental improvement, but not at the expense of the health of the team.
Crunch is one of the most popular conversations in the gaming industry. It is reported that Epic's Fortnite, NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11 and Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 and other big budget games have pushed developers to a very long work week. Based on this information, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games vowed to avoid letting such things happen to employees.

''A recent important topic in the gaming industry is the development of austerity. Some studios have their team working 14 hours a day to package every patch, including the most fixes and improvements,” wrote Chris Wilson, CEO of Grinding Gear Games. "I won't run this company like that."

The news came from Reddit, and Wilson chose to answer growing concerns about the state of the game. "However, one thing that Q&A didn't solve was how we got here," Wilson led the position, referring to questions and answers scheduled later this week. "I want to personally post an explanation of what happened behind the scenes of Grinding Gear Games that caused this state."

In the post, Wilson elaborated on the studio project to address the Path of Exile issues currently encountered in the comprehensive update. “The synthesis is more than we expected,” Wilson wrote. “Although our improvements after the launch have helped a lot and many players like it, we fully admit that it is not our best league and does not meet the Path of Exile players' expectations for our quality standards and POE Currency standards.''

According to the post, "a large number of key projects" occurred simultaneously. "From the final version of 3.7.0 to 4.0.0, we will make a massive and lasting basic improvement on the Path of Exile." Wilson said, ''Although this is a difficult task, the company based in New Zealand will not Overworked. ''

“Sometimes when we read our own Patch Notes thread and community feedback, we felt we were asked to do the same thing,” Wilson said. “Although there will inevitably be some optional overtime pay during the alliance release, the vast majority of the Path of Exile development cycle has a good work-life balance. This makes it necessary for our developers to stay healthy for a long time. , but it does. It means that some game improvements take a while to complete.''

As the action RPG finally appeared on the console, Wilson confirmed that the studio will make progress on console functionality despite our unfulfilled promises. So now POE Currency PS4 is also what players need.

But first, the update 3.7.0 will be covered in detail soon. Wilson said: "When we announce 3.7.0 in three weeks, you will see its alliance focus on repeatable fun, and combat transformation is very focused on improving the basic principles of the Path of Exile gameplay."


Memory is fragile, short-lived, and the new memory of Path of Exile's latest update - Dungeon - Synthetic - begins to falter as you see them. In the latest league of Grinding Gear's free-action RPG, players have to quickly stabilize them through these new optional areas, as rewards are the opportunity to build their own spoils for a surprise attack. You will see the league that hasn't deleted anything for the first time in history. Mordor-ish's previous betrayal system was still available, but was towed later in the main story.

The main stories of new things in the integrated alliance happen in parallel. In the beginning, you will encounter a new character, a ghost named Kavas, who asks the player to help restore his lost memory. This is the beginning of the Path of Exile, and then in the game you can get the spoils by killing quickly. When you play the game, you will encounter a portal that lacks memory, and passing them and activating the memory stabilizer will provide you with a memory clip for building your own dungeon.

In Kavas's memory, there is an incomplete memory map that you need to insert into it. Some areas are static, so you must place some clips to bridge the gap between them. By linking to certain special areas on the map, you can apply the loot or enemy spawning multiplier to the entire custom dungeon and make it a potential gold mine for the treasure. It doesn't matter if you can't get a potential gold mine, you can try to buy POE Currency and Gold Mine on the website. You can only run each dungeon a certain number of times before the placed pieces are demoted and need to be replaced, so you must use the pieces frequently.

In these memory-themed dungeons, players get a lot of loot. Although it is not a bad thing in itself, the combination of several broken items on a special production table in the gap will provide you with synthetic equipment. There is only basic rarity, but there are some state profiles that are different from what you would normally choose, which is great for advanced players to minimize/maximize. The league also includes an important rebalancing spell that makes the wand and the staff more feasible, plus a bunch of new chaos and sacred element spells.

In order to replace the old Masters system, the Betrayal Alliance introduced most of the content. In the secondary missions such as Delves, your hidden places will not be found, just like Jun's hidden items. The good news is that you will get some fringe benefits this time, but you may not be able to bring your hiding to a new league world. The current mapset has been updated, but for skilled players, they can find new map types and player hideouts. There are also some updates to the rules for using POE Currency and POE Orbs , and players can learn more about it.
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